Yes! One of them we revealed, the best-selling pinball game of all time – The Addams Family will be joining the launch of Pinball FX. More new tables will arrive with the February launch!

Borderlands®: Vault Hunter Pinball: Welcome, Vault Hunter, to a pinball game of looting and jackpot shooting! Armed with your trusty silver balls, face down fearsome psychos, skags, and bosses as you fight your way across Pandora!

Brothers in Arms®: Win the War Pinball: Stick close to your brothers as you complete missions and liberate towns within the Netherlands – now armed with a silver ball and your skills. Help SSgt Matthew Baker and the 101st Airborne in day and nighttime missions and claim your place on the leaderboards. 

Garfield Pinball: Feast your way through mounds of lasagna to score big in Garfield Pinball! Dig up bones with Odie, woo Arlene, fight the alarm clock, and find Pooky the teddy bear to reach Feast Frenzy, all for a perfect feline day of eating and sleeping.

Check out our Early Access table releases – all of them making their way to Xbox & PlayStation Day1:

Stay tuned, new tables are coming to the game frequently!