Upon the release of Pinball FX in February, the way to buy tables changes from the method used in Early Access.

Buying tables and table packs will happen through the storefront, for fiat money, similar to Pinball FX3. After receiving feedback from players, we felt this was the right decision and will revert back to the previous way of selling the core Pinball FX experience.

This means, that tables purchased from the storefront will not be playable cross-platform. There is a cross-platform option offered: the Pinball Pass.

The Pinball Pass serves as the connective tissue between platforms, as this payment option allows you to play your tables cross-platform on the device of your choice. If you are a Pinball Pass subscriber, you will be able to enjoy the content on your PC and your consoles as well. With Pinball Pass you can have access to each table except the Indiana Jones table.

You can get MONTHLY and YEARLY passes.

The monthly Pinball Pass will cost 150 Pinball Coins in-game.

The Yearly pass will be 1200 Pinball Coins.