Pinball FX will introduce an in-game store, where you will be able to buy tables and other items conveniently, without the need to navigate first-party store pages. We are also saying goodbye to packs – you will be able to purchase tables individually to pick and choose what you like. 

Pinball FX Ticket packs will be available in the Epic Games Store, and you can exchange your tickets in-game for tables. 

Ticket packs in the store:

100 Pinball FX Tickets - 9.99$                220 Pinball FX Tickets - 19.99$
575 Pinball FX Tickets - 49.99$              1200 Pinball FX Tickets - 99.99$

Table prices in-game:

Zen Legacy: 40 tickets                          Licensed Legacy: 45 tickets

Zen Original: 55 tickets                        Licensed: 60 tickets

Special tables: 110 - 170 tickets