Any purchases you made on PlayStation 3, PS Vita or PlayStation 4 versions of Zen Pinball 2 are eligible for a free import to the PlayStation 4 version of Pinball FX3.

You have a selection of options to download these tables.

1. 'Import tables' button in-game:

- Download Pinball FX3 and open the game
- In the main menu press 'Square' on your controller
- Your products ready to import will be populated in a download list. Confirm the list and they will begin to download.

2. Downloading through

- Please visit and log in to your PSN account
- Click on your name in the upper right corner and select 'Download List'
- Once there find the Pinball FX3 items in question
- Select 'Download to PS4' on all items in question and their DEMO versions
- Next time you power on your PS4 your Pinball FX3 items should start downloading
- Wait for the download to finish, open the game and have fun!

3. Downloading through the store on your PS4 system

- From your PS4 main screen navigate to the Store on your system
- Select Search and start typing in the name of the pack you are missing (eg. Williams Pinball Volume 1)
- Go to the page of the DLC content and select download

4. Downloading through the game menu add-on screen

- From your PS4 main screen, navigate to Pinball FX3's tile
- Hit the down arrow on the D-pad or pull the left stick down
- Navigate to the PlayStation Store tab
- Press right on the D-pad or pull the left stick to the right
- Scroll down the list and press 'X' on your controller when you reach 'Select All'
- Pick the DLC you need to download from the list

If you have trouble importing your tables please use the New Support Ticket option above.