Congrats on getting a new device, and thank you for playing Zen Pinball on this one too!

To answer your question, if you remained on the same operating system (eg. you had an iPhone 7 and now have an iPhone X)* you should be able download your previously purchased tables without a problem.

- Just make sure to log in with the same account that you made the purchases in the past
- Open the game and navigate to the main menu
- Find the button in the bottom row with a shopping cart on it
- Tap it and it will initiate a download of your previously owned tables

If there is something missing, or you still have problems please use the 'New Ticket' button on the top of this page to get in touch with our friendly staff.

*If you have changed from iOS to Android for example, this does not stand as we do not have the option to support cross-platform purchases at this time.